2 German Doner Kebab Stores in the UK for sale

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These 2 German Doner Kebab Stores in the UK for sale are located in Cardiff.

Buy 2 German Doner Kebab Stores in the UK

These stores can only be purchased as a package. This two-store contract is an excellent way for a new franchisee to get into the food and beverage sector while also being a part of the GDK brand.

The Cardiff kebab store in the UK for sale is adjacent to tourist sites, so it gets a lot of foot traffic and repeat business from both locals and visitors. This store has recently had a big renovation and now has a new and clean appearance that is sure to attract customers.

During the current fiscal year, these stores have seen a considerable boost in customer traffic and are performing better than they were before the COVID outbreak. These 2 kebab stores in the UK for sale are likely to enhance their turnover and profitability if the restrictions are eased.

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