60% interest in a Copper and Silver mining company in Namibia for sale

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This opportunity represents a 60% interest in a Copper and Silver mining company for sale in Namibia.

Overview of a Copper and Silver mining company for sale

This is a brown-field operation offered as a 60%-40% joint venture. The Copper and Silver mine for sale has been operational for 40 years based in Namibia that utilizes an old extraction technology to extract valuable materials. The mine was actively in operation in the 1970-80s and as a result of undertaken activities, there were left large tailing stockpiles the owner now considers to process.

According to the conducted study, this mine has 5.5 M tons of tailings and 60 000 tons of dry sludge in the slimes dam. There is the potential to mine additional silver and copper resources, that’s why the owner now wants to conduct drilling to assess the situation and complete a full geological report on the available reserves. The process of assessing will be carried out simultaneously with the tailings processing.

The first stage of the mine operation will be to process the stockpile on the ground. This is used to extract the minerals in a chemical way which is considered to be more suitable for these minerals in order to produce a Copper and Silver concentrate. This will be undertaken only until the processing facility is ready to normally operate. It is expected that the first stage will last within 4-6 months.

The next one will include the development of the processing plant and smelter. All works will be done and the plant will be operational in 12-18 months. Given the resources and speed of processing, the investor will be able to recover the investment in 2.5 years.

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