Aluminum Smelter Business in Clewiston for sale

North America - USA


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A company from America is proposed that specializes in the manufacture of good aluminum alloys from scrap and used aluminum parts. Aluminum smelter business in Clewiston for sale is headquartered in an emerging US city in south Central Florida. Considering the nature of the raw materials used, the company’s product is considered “green” (subject to all EPA licenses).

Operation details of the aluminum smelter business for sale in Clewiston

You are given the opportunity to buy aluminum smelter business in Clewiston and have a business founded to operate with a new induction system and unique horizontal continuous casting technology to produce premium cast aluminum alloys of various shapes, making it possible to recycle aluminum waste.

The company tries to meet all the requirements of users by offering intelligent and quality services. The manufacturing operations of aluminum smelter business for sale comply with ISO 9001, AS 9100 Rev D. (Aerospace Quality). This business option is perfect for a majority owner.

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