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Amazon FBA and e-commerce business that was established in December 2015 in the apparel and accessories business. The Amazon Central Seller page includes 278 items (10 items with size/color options) that are specific to individual women’s clothing and accessories. The apparel and accessories niche website for sale is listed on the Amazon Brand Registry and is marketed primarily on the Amazon platform in America. Products have a ton of positive reviews, with the top-selling SKU having an average rating of 4 out of 5. Running a business requires a minimum of effort.

Main profit flow of apparel and accessories niche website for sale in USA

The business gets 75% of its revenue from Amazon FBA sales, and the remaining 25% from Walmart. The bulk of apparel and accessories niche website for sale stocks are supplied by Chinese suppliers to FBA fulfillment centers when individual stocks arrive at the 3PL warehouse in New Jersey, USA, so the owner can fulfill some of the orders himself.

The seller pays about 10 hours a week to the company, overseeing the fulfillment of FBM and Walmart orders and regulating Amazon PPC campaigns. The firm has 1 employee managing PPC campaigns.

Plenty of possibilities with the offer to buy apparel and accessories niche website

The company does not have pages in social networks or a database of email addresses. Building social media pages and increasing a monetized list of email addresses will increase brand awareness. Most of the customer of the apparel and accessories website for sale are located in America, and expanding to international ordering offers a great chance to grow the company’s customer base.

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