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This company is Amazon Associates, an affiliate firm and display advertising business that was founded in December 2019 in the field of arts and hobbies. The WordPress site has hardware reviews and design ideas for a well-known piece of art. Art niche Amazon website for sale has grown tremendously over the past six months and has great traffic on different pages.

Profit channels and management of the art niche Amazon website for sale

You can buy art niche Amazon website and get a firm that profits from Amazon Associates (87%) through affiliate links (9%) and Ezoic display ads (4%). The top 3 traffic channels are organic search (93.71%), direct (4.98%) and referral (1.01%). The top traffic countries are the US (60.75%), the UK (7.15%) and Canada (3.79%). The first 3 pages of the site account for ∼9%, ∼7% and 6% of the total number of views.

The salesperson devotes approximately 4 hours a week to the company tracking traffic, doing competitor analysis, and writing and publishing new content. All content is created by the current owner, 2-4 new posts are posted monthly. The current owner will hand over 4 pre-created articles so that the business grows and the new owner has time to master.

Growth opportunity for art niche Amazon website for sale

You need to optimize your SEO to improve your keyword rankings, add more affiliate links to your site, increase your display ad revenue stream by adding more informative articles, and monetize your existing email list.

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