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Here’s a lucrative opportunity to buy auto repair business in Wyoming, a well-established foreign turnkey repair and service firm that has served southeastern Wyoming with great success since 1992. The store is spacious, beautifully equipped and tidy, suitable for a complete refurbishment, whether it is a small set-up or a major engine refurbishment.

Pros of this offer – auto repair business in Wyoming for sale

The property is not included in the offer, but the lease can be transferred to the new owner. Overall, auto repair business for sale in Wyoming is a popular auto repair shop that specializes in foreign cars. Much attention is paid to Volvo and other foreign brands and models.

The company ensures an environmentally friendly environment as the business saves on waste and spare parts. Recycling antifreeze to eliminate the ingress of harsh chemicals, filtering antifreeze and re-establishing pH and additives for further use. Auto repair business in Wyoming purchases oil in bulk to reduce plastic waste and uses an oil burner to recycle products. With remarkable growth potential, chic earnings and an excellent reputation, the company provides everything it needs to take the new owner to the next level of success.

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