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Here is presented Banking Business in Bulgaria for sale!

Overview of Banking Business in Bulgaria for sale

The basic conditions for applying for a license, as well as the money required as a deposit, are determined by current European Union laws. Please be aware that new regulations will be released on April 6, 2021. Under EU law, SWIFT, and SEPA, the bank will be fully operational.

SEPA is a European Union (EU) payments integration program aiming at harmonizing electronic euro payments across Europe. The three main advantages of this approach are its simplicity, convenience, and efficiency. Consumers can now make euro payments everywhere in Europe using a single payment account and card. This gives people peace of mind when traveling throughout Europe or making online purchases from websites in other nations. Additionally, businesses will have additional business prospects and will have easier access to a larger European market. They save time and money by not having to deal with numerous payment card standards for euro payments.

In addition, a single market for payment services is created. Consumers and businesses alike gain from increased competition among card service providers, since they may choose from a wider range of very competitive services driven by technological innovation.

Requirements for Banking Business in Bulgaria for sale

  • The Bulgarian central bank and the European Central Bank, as regulators, require a business plan.
  • Legal memorandum outlining the application’s prerequisites and obligations
  • To begin the structure, meetings with the regulator and the compliance regime will be held.
  • In order to obtain the license, the back office crew is being built up.
  • Following regulatory checks, the licensing process and eventual license

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