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Here is presented Banking license in Dominica for sale!

Overview of Banking license in Dominica for sale

The base license is the same for both entities and it took two years to obtain, one is setup as a Cryptocurrency Exchange (Fintech Authorized Company) allowed to engage in remittance and intermediation, and an PSP (also authorized by authorities to engage in international operations offshore), both are regulated entities and are a de-facto banks since they can fully intermediate and manage third party capital.

The two entities are based in Dominica and are authorized to do all general intermediation activities without restrictions globally, the Fintech company is perfect for ICOs or management of any digital assets, authorization took more than two years for both of them. Banking licenses in Dominica for sale are fully regulated and both have a clean Balance Sheets, no clients therefore they have no liabilities, and are in perfect compliance with applicable regulation both are also in good standing with authorities.

General Intermediation Services include without limitation (Exchanges, Margin Operations, ICOs, Digital Settlements, Payments, Value Storage, Etc), Unrestricted Crossborder intermediation and Payment Services, Online FX Services and Exchanges authorized among others.

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