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Overview of Bar/Grill in Kansas for sale

Bar/Grill in Kansas for sale is in a city in Geary County, Kansas, which is the county seat. In 2013, the proprietor of the business opened a full-service restaurant and bar. This American restaurant is set in a 4,303-square-foot freestanding building near a major highway, close to significant industrial districts and military bases, as well as numerous hotels and densely populated residential neighborhoods. The majority of the clients are Caucasian individuals and families who come from adjacent small companies, heavily populated residential areas, and nearby huge military facilities.

In comparison to other rivals, Bar/Grill in Kansas for sale is placed in a prime position with excellent exposure and provides consumers with quicker access to the restaurant. It also sells superior quality products. Many typical American foods are available on the menu of the American bar and restaurant, including fried chicken, grilled chicken, chicken fried steak, grilled fish, appetizers, burgers, wings, sandwiches, salads, and much more. Every dollar spent on food or beverages earns you one point in the restaurant’s reward program. For the past few years, the restaurant has been well-positioned in the immediate market area and has been successfully operated with constantly increasing income.

Although they have some marketing in place through their website, social media outlets, and discounts, they need to use other proactive marketing strategies to attain maximum income potential as well as expand their consumer base outside their current market area. To enhance the cash flow of this firm, marketing can be done in a variety of ways, including direct mailing, coupons, in-house delivery service, and catering for large parties. Because the existing owner does not have enough time to devote to proactive marketing or any other aspect of the restaurant operation, owner engagement is important to the business in order to produce more revenue.

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