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A company with a good reputation and a large local customer base. Books E-Commerce retailer for sale offers many different new and supported books. The company covers the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire. The store was founded in 1999 and today it is a thriving commercial structure that is quite popular in this market niche.

Benefits of owning books E-Commerce retailer in Gloucestershire for sale

By deciding to buy books E-Commerce retailer, you end up with a company that initially specialized only in history books. At the moment, the firm sells books from all categories. In addition, 65+ thousand rare books will be transferred to you as the new owner, which can be traded around the world through special book platforms.

  • The company continued to operate successfully in the face of the pandemic.
  • All shares are included in the transaction price.
  • The business has strong and reliable relationships with suppliers of books, in particular, rare copies that are difficult to find and obtain.
  • Most of the inventory the company owns is stored no more than 30 miles from the location of the firm’s headquarters.

The books E-Commerce company for sale in Gloucestershire has tremendous potential for future growth through increased brand awareness and additional advertising campaigns. Business will be a great option for an entrepreneur who wants to work in the book market niche. The activity license dates from 2008. There is a valid lease agreement.

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