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A company that specializes in window cleaning and building maintenance. The building maintenance company for sale has a 27% sales margin and a rich customer base provides unlimited development prospects. Business services in Central Iowa include:

  • washing windows in high-rise buildings;
  • custom lighting design for the holidays;
  • hanging and dismantling;
  • elimination of graffiti;
  • pressure washer;
  • brick sealant services;
  • cleaning floors in commercial garages and marking lines;
  • change of lamps;
  • removal of glass and bricks;
  • polishing/cleaning brass and stainless steel.

Perpectivities for you as the owner of a profitable building maintenance company for sale in Iowa

There is a large customer base, with 75% of their projects being maintenance or monotonous work. The professional and long-term workforce includes W2 workers who work full-time and part-time, are flexible and able to fulfill all orders. Seasonal part-time workers are suited for high workloads (spring and fall), as normal workloads often increase by at least 20% at this time. If you decide to buy a building maintenance company, you can also hire additional staff during the winter to assist with the maintenance of your holiday lighting, on a part-time basis.

The business uses a warehouse (a building that is owned by the business owner) for equipment, the owner leases the building to the firm. There is much more space than is required for the successful functionality of the firm, which is also an advantage. There is parking.

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