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Business with Off-line Chatbot in Walenstadt for sale: description

Our Dialogue System, a chatbot, provides plausible and accurate replies to user questions using our patented Automated Reasoning in Natural Language. When prompted, the Dialogue System in Switzerland for sale can recall personal user information such as the whereabouts of a key, medication, money, and so on. The chatbot’s capability can be expanded to include any useful information. Commercial English and German chatbots for off-line use on a PC running Windows OS have been developed by us.

Our chatbot technology in Switzerland for sale is the greatest choice for you if you want to provide information to your clients about your services while keeping your competition from knowing what you have to offer. You can place the chatbot in the waiting room by installing it on your own computer. Our Dialogue System can also be used with humanoids. Because of flying debris or international wars, the off-line chatbot cannot be disabled. The patent is critical for companies working on chatbots, avatars, and humanoids to avoid infringement lawsuits.  We sell the C/C++ source code as well as the databases of the produced English and German chatbots through the business.

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