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Overview of Call Recorder App in Wyoming for sale

Key features of Call recorder app with Subscription Revenue in the USA for sale:

  • Monthly Downloads: 185,000
  • MAU: 269,000
  • DAU: 11,146
  • Search searches for “call recorder,” “call recording app,” “phone recorder,” and similar terms are popular on the AppStore because the iPhone lacks a call recording feature. Same goes for Google, which hasn’t had a call recording option since Android 8.5. As a result, users seek out recording apps.
  • Both the iOS and Android versions have active userbases.
  • The AppStore and Google Play have given these apps high ratings. As a result, the apps receive a steady stream of organic installs (month after month) and continue to generate revenue even without paying for new users.
  • Increasing the number of paying UA will assist improve revenue and profit.

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