Clam farming business in Canada for sale

North America - Canada

Agriculture industry


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This is a sustainable aquaculture business for sale in British Columbia specializing in clam farming for 35 years. This activity generates predictable revenue, delivers consistent taste, and preserves environmental sustainability. The clams are growing on the ocean floor. The business for sale is proud of its long history in the fishery and complete understanding of the animals and the wild. At the disposal of the business, there are 11,583 square miles of coastal area in Canada.

The reason to buy clam farming business in Canada

In Canada, the main species of shellfish farmed are clams, geoducks, mussels, oysters, and scallops. British Columbia is considered to be the major clam-producing province in Canada in the aquaculture industry. Old traditions and new technologies, multiple species, and growing industry numbers make this sustainable clam farming business for sale a very attractive opportunity for a new owner.

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