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Business Description: This is a cleaning chemical manufacturing business for sale in Dubai, UAE.

Overview of a cleaning chemicals manufacturing business for sale

The detergent and cleaning industry has always presented a thriving market. In fact, in the pre-pandemic period (2019), the global laundry detergent market was estimated at $120 billion. As of now, that market is expected to continue growing, with a projected value of about $180 billion in 5 years. Such a bright industry future makes this cleaning chemicals factory for sale a beautiful business opportunity. Given its future manufacturing & packaging expansion plan, this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime find for a purchaser looking to operate in the cleaning sector.

Why choose this company

The pandemic emphasized the cleanliness and hygiene issues and many individuals now take care of their health more attentively. Answering the demand for cleaning products, a company such as this that can manufacture a range of its products using in-house capabilities and then distribute them under its brand guarantees impressive profits for a purchaser. As a business owner, you will have the power to pace with market demands as and when they appear.


This already successful business still has the potential to grow. A purchaser may increase detergent manufacturing and packaging capacities. This can be achieved through adding specialized equipment for the manufacturing of plastic bottles for products, labels and making the boxes designated for transportation of the cleaning chemicals.

Summing up, this cleaning chemicals manufacturing business for sale offers you control over numerous sides of the making and delivery of cleaning chemicals to a huge market.

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