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Cloud communications software development company for sale in Indore! The business is ready to be transferred to a new owner.

Overview of a cloud communications software development company in Indore

  • Software development company that specializes in cloud communications and application development.
  • Eligibility to participate in all state and federal government competitions.
  • Three years of income tax returns.
  • We provide clients with a variety of cloud-based IT services as well as proprietary products.
  • We operate three proprietary software platforms for cloud communications, lead management and cryptocurrency exchange.
  • We charge users of our software an annual/monthly/credit fee.
  • Our proprietary products generate 90% of our revenue, and our development services for customers generate 10%.
  • Sales include assets such as SMS marketing, voice call broadcasting, proprietary caller id, WhatsApp marketing, WhatsApp service, missed call service, IVR, free call, shortcode, WhatsApp desktop app, 2 factor OTP, reseller SMS marketing, reseller voice marketing, reseller WhatsApp marketing, web design, web development, mobile apps, blockchain development, social media setup, social media posting, social media advertising, social media marketing, social media optimization, raw video editing, website creation training, Facebook and Instagram advertising training, Google and YouTube advertising training, Twitter promotion training, YouTuber training, blogger training, email marketing training, on page/off page SEO training, hosting server training, blockchain cryptocurrency training.
  • Our team consists of six people with over a decade of IT experience.
  • Our website is created by experts. Other markets are readily available for business.
  • AI, blockchain and metaverse concepts are new to India and we intend to grow our team to reach a larger audience.
  • Branded business.
  • The ability to build blockchain applications and dashboards can extend the reach much further.
  • For large organizations that want to install on their own data center, we provide an on-premise deployment plan.
  • We also offer help to integrate the application into websites and mobile applications. — The customer base is more than 2,000 enterprises, with 80% of them from India and 20% from other countries around the world. Godrej, most of the schools in the south of the country and 100 resellers across India are just some of our prominent clients.

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