Collectible Products Retailer in Somerset for sale

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This is a great opportunity for a new investor to buy collectible products retailer in Somerset and own luxury, custom-made collectible and decorative jewelry. The offer includes great domain names and is a suitable offer for an existing or new online business.

Use all the perspectives of collectible products retailer in Somerset for sale

Established in 2013 and immediately registered as a private UK limited company with Companies House, collectible products retailer for sale never worked , but the owner made sure that his invoices and documentation were always up to date.

  • It is a privately held firm that does not depend on any other firm with similar names.
  • The seller owns 100% of the shares of the company, which are transferred to the buyer.
  • A valuable brand name that is very difficult to register in person with Companies House.

So this is actually an interesting chance to acquire a collectible products company for sale with a unique name that has 2 domains with similar names. This is a chic buy for both a UK resident and a foreigner.

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