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Company for sale with its mobile app for gyms in Mohali! The business is ready to be transferred to a new owner.

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Developed CRM software for gyms to help gym operators manage day-to-day operations and customer engagement. The software is customized for each gym, and 100 clubs are currently using it. We have about 20,000 users, as each gym has a minimum of 200 subscribers. Our goal is to turn traditional gyms into “smart” gyms, where operations are managed by a single software with analytics. By analyzing statistics, gyms can make improvements to their sales and marketing strategies.
Our business plan is based on gym memberships. Last year only 20 gyms used our software, so our revenue was limited. The company now employs five people. The company owns software codes for online and mobile applications, as well as several computers, air conditioning, and furniture.

Overview of products and services

  1. For gym members, the app helps them plan their classes, follow a diet plan, and make online payments for classes or gym products.
  2. For gym owners, the app helps with diet plans, billing, attendance, and sales incentives.

Facility overview

The company operates out of a small rented office space in Mohali.

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