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Construction company in Spain seeks investments. The owner has a business in Germany that provides the 3D design of structures and manufactures construction equipment. Currently, he is looking to open a subsidiary in Spain that will handle construction projects and produce construction equipment.

The startup is already in the process of registration. The business is approved by a number of companies and private customers to carry out construction projects and supply equipment. Currently, there is confirmation of four construction projects from Spain, two from Germany, and one from Portugal and for machinery supply, there is an agreement with one French and one German company.

This organization will be involved in research and development, production of 3DCP machines, construction materials, and implementation of construction projects. Now it is discussing a rent for a facility of 600-1,200 square meters in an industrial park in Spain. The staff includes 4 employees. They are engaged in the research and development of geopolymer mixtures, basalt, structural support systems for 3D concrete printing, and components used in common building and other types of construction.

The startup is established to construct structures utilizing 3DCP. It has better longevity/insulation and is fireproof, weatherproof, and anti-allergenic in comparison to Portland. Geopolymer and basalt-built structures are up to six times stronger than structures from Portland cement and steel. Moreover, with 3DCP the startup can decrease on-site waste up to 100%. The 3D concrete printing machines have completed testing and are ready for operation. The manufacturing process of these machines will be outsourced to companies in China and Germany. Now there 2 machines developed by the company.

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    Construction and machinery business in Spain