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Overview of Custom Software Company in Cook County for sale

This software company in the USA for sale has been in business for 20 years and specializes on data-driven applications. The company has a number of significant customers that have given a consistent income stream throughout the years. The majority of the revenue is reoccurring. Microsoft is the company’s operating system (SQL server, .NET, JSON). A Fortune 500 company’s dealer network system, a significant construction equipment company’s sales tracking system, an energy company’s power trade tracking system, a legal office client billing system, and different retail systems are just a few of the prominent previous projects and expertise. The current customer base serves as a benchmark for future growth.

Furthermore, the software firm in the USA for sale provides a quick development environment that enables the creation of robust, mission-critical apps. CRM, Inventory Management, Order Management, Invoicing, Analytics, RFID Integration, Dealer Enrollments, Dealer Locator, Help Desk, Credit Approvals, Competitive Pricing Analysis, Government Bids, Price Books, Purchase History, Analytics, Contest Tracking, Dealer Communications, Expense Approvals, Travel Approvals, Project Management, Receipt Library, Inspections, Analytics, Bar Code and Integration, Seminar Registrations, Contest Tracking, Training, Buisness Cards, Expense Approvals, Travel App

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