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This dropshipping service provider has 75 consistent customers, an established base of other potential users and a large turnover of funds. The company is engaged in the supply of the necessary cleaning products, SIH, office supplies using Amazon and other trading platforms. Using good software, more than 400 thousand products from more than 20 suppliers are managed and resold on websites. The current owner of the E-Commerce Amazon dropshipping vendor for sale is not advertising, so there is a lot of room for development.

Benefits and details of running an E-Commerce Amazon dropshipping vendor for sale

All orders placed over the Internet come directly from a wholesaler or manufacturer in 2-3 working days to customers. So you can buy an E-Commerce Amazon dropshipping vendor and have a company that has almost no inventory and overhead. Thanks to the already existing integrated ordering system, the software is perfect for a variety of products sold by this enterprise.

  1. The company adds 2-3 suppliers per year, all of them expand the list of goods. Recently, a contract was created for the sale of stationery in a large network.
  2. 95% of the profits come from large retail chains, and 5% from the website.
  3. 75% of orders on internet sites come from retail buyers and 25% from corporations.
  4. There are wonderful relationships with wholesale suppliers, which make it possible to guarantee the lowest cost and the best quality of service.

E-Commerce Amazon dropshipping vendor for sale may participate in Amazon Seller Prime, but is currently not taking advantage of this opportunity, although this is a great boost to development. Creating additional contracts directly with hospitals and businesses would also increase profits.

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