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A unique offer for the purchase of a business, which was created in March 2017, has been submitted for consideration. The traffic of interested users annually increases by at least 50%. During the MCO period, user traffic rises to 300%.

This is an online grocery market. Its main purpose is to connect farmers with consumers. The goal is to give people information about food. At the beginning of the journey, the business owners visited farmers more than once to explain this mechanism to them, and after 6 months 3 farmers joined the project. Then the income was successfully increased by 30%.

The process begins with the purchase of farms that do not have chemicals and organic farms.
The mission is to give consumers more information about the products of these suppliers. This way the consumer can buy without a doubt what he likes.
The mission is to bridge the gap in the supply chain and allow farmers to sell their products without geographical restrictions.
This online site simplifies warehouse processes, includes incoming and outgoing shipments, sorting, and storage of stocks.

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