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This ecologic winery for sale was established in 2008. It is certified for organic farming. Currently, the winery produces young and aged red wines in barrels, however, the facilities are also suitable for the reception and production of white wines.

Overview of this business for sale

The winery for sale is situated in Spain, surrounded by several natural parks with a breathtaking landscape. It should be noted that the winery is located close to ( lesser than five kilometers away) a natural water spring with a very high quality of water, and ranked as the second in Europe for its healing properties. The total area covers 18,5 hectares. Seven hectares are used to produce grapes for their organic wine production. The rest of the territory (11,5 hectares) can be used to expand the vineyards or to cultivate any other crop of Ecological Agriculture. There is a very short distance between the winery and vineyard so it allows avoiding overheating the grape, eliminating the possibility of anomalous fermentation that could damage the quality of the final product.

The owner of this winery has other business interests, that`s why the production is rather low, as they produce only thirty thousand bottles per year. The maximum capacity could reach nine hundred thirteen bottles annually!

The winery for sale is completely equipped and sits on 752 square meters. It includes:

  • Reception and winery facilities;
  • Fermentation facilities;
  • Laboratory.

Markets: The wines are supplies to supermarkets and hospitality businesses in the region. Also, wines are being promoted in Peru and Swiss, German, Swedish and Norwegian markets, and in the Chinese market, they are registered as organic products.

Expansion potential: With a great reputation and excellent location, there is a huge potential for growth. The current owners suggest adding a restaurant, in-place production and bottling of spring water, and adding a tourist complex to increase profitability.

If you are interested in this incredible business for sale, please contact us for more information.

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