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Online educational English platforms for sale designed to bring benefits for international students, teachers, and academic institutions with English language learning, test preparation, and teaching. Short, medium and long-term licenses offer access to these platforms. All content and software are developed and owned by the company, Ireland-based, with an unrivaled variety of resources across all assessment levels. This education provider has shown significant growth over the previous year, benefiting from increased global demand for virtual and remote learning solutions.

Overview of online education platform for sale

  • A strong position in the international English language market, with an increasing client base, and market-leading digital platforms designed for B2B, and B2C markets.
  • Diversified unique educational content created and owned by the company, in addition to the IPR of the platforms themselves.
  • Content available for all levels, offering access to students of all abilities and encouraging progression.
  • Distribution agreements with 2 leading international distributors, generating strong levels of B2B sales.
  • Innovative statistical analysis processes automatic results from students’ performance and gives feedback to students and lecturers.

Growth potential

Using a targeted digital marketing campaign and focus on social media will help with the promotion of brand awareness.

Expansion into operations to new target markets including Brazil and Italy, leveraging existing industry reputation.

Opportunities for a purchaser

There is a great potential to secure a significant international customer base with profit-making distribution agreements of these Online educational English platforms for sale. Also, there is an opportunity to secure 2 highly developed, rapidly scalable platforms and use them in unexploited markets, such as other language learning. In addition, this is an excellent chance to immediately secure an innovative digital solution, and a competitive advantage in a busy and technologically evolving market and finally, capitalize on the global increase in demand for digital and remote learning support – caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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