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Email List Cleaning and Verification Software in Concord is for sale!

Overview of Email List Cleaning and Verification Software in Concord for sale

We’re working with a company that wants to offer its email list cleansing and verification software. Not only can this software be used to clean internal email lists, but it can also be sold to others for a fee. This is accomplished through the use of an existing, fully functional Web site and an API.

The list cleansing software was created by an  Software company that has been around for 20 years. When a list is put into the list cleaning software via its easy and user-friendly interface, multiple email verifications are performed in as little as a few seconds.

The software assesses whether each email’s domain name is valid and running a mail server, whether each email’s address is for a team or an individual, whether each email’s server offers any email validation information, and whether each email’s server accepts or rejects the email as valid. If an email server responds with an unexpected response, The Software tries to authenticate the email address again from a different geographic location.

The software’s work yields a completely clean and verified list. A clean and validated list not only improves deliverability, but it also nearly eliminates “bounces” and keeps emails out of spam folders. This enhances “opens” and the effectiveness of email campaigns while minimizing complaints and email provider costs.

The software in the USA for sale generates a multi-faceted report for each cleaned list, as well as the cleaned list itself, which is ready to use. Safe To Send, Invalid, Disposable, Role (email addresses often used by a group), Accept All (the email’s server offers no specific information), and Unavailable are the six facets of the report for an individual list (the server is off-line).

In addition to all rights, title, and ownership, the program purchase includes a fully functional Web Site that may be used to upload lists and sell the software’s capabilities as a service to others if desired.

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