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Equipment and Supplies Rental Company in India for sale: overview

Key features of ISO certified company in India for sale:

  • Sells and leases IT equipment such as printers, copiers, PCs, and laptops. Our company is ISO certified, and CRISIL has given us a strong financial strength grade. For our outstanding services, we have received numerous honors.
  • Our company carries products from more than 20 industry leaders, including HP and Konica Minolta. We are Canon’s official partners.
  • We serve 1,000 clients in Mumbai, including government agencies and publicly traded corporations. TATA, Shapoorji, Railway, Income Tax, Zydus, SBI, Glaxo, Mahindra, and EXIM bank are some of our main clients. We sold IT equipment to over 65 percent of our clients, then engaged into an AMC with the remaining 35 percent, and leased IT equipment to the remaining 35 percent.
  • The profit margin on IT equipment sales is typically 30%. We have between 50 and 100 IT equipment vendors. In addition, we offer and distribute our own remanufactured laser toner cartridges. We’ve also created our own DMS software. At the beginning of this year, we began marketing and selling the DMS software. We are nearing the completion of an agreement with GVK and Pidilite Industries. Enhanced document security, quick document indexing and organizing, document uploading, and complete work-flow management are just a few of the features available in our software.
  • The company has also created its own CRM software. The software has completed its trial run and is now ready for marketing.
  • We have a five-person sales team, as well as 24 professional service engineers, and we’ve dabbled in paid digital advertising via Google AdSense.

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