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It is an interesting Amazon FBA, Amazon FBM and e-commerce business that was founded in February 2017 in the hardware industry. The Amazon Seller Central account includes 2 trademarks (one is currently inactive) and 19 shipping SKUs, 9 of which are FBM SKUs. The best-selling items of the equipment niche Amazon website for sale are rated 4.5 to 5 stars and the brand is listed on Amazon 2.0. The current owner states that he has 3 completely new products in stock, ready to launch. In general, minimal effort is required to service the business from the current owner.

Quality products with a great name – don’t miss out on a lucrative opportunity to buy the equipment niche Amazon website in the USA

The bulk of the revenue stream for the equipment niche Amazon website for sale comes through Amazon FBA (85%), with individual sales of the sale coming from Amazon FBM (10%), eBay (5%), and Shopify (<1%). Now the owner has 2 suppliers: one from America and the other from China. Suppliers transfer products directly to the owner, who keeps stocks in their own warehouses for 6-12 months.

  • The owner uses a personal fulfillment center to ship items either directly to consumers or to Amazon warehouses to complete the FBA, and the bulk of the items are Prime.
  • The seller devotes approximately 8 hours a week to packing and shipping products.
  • The owner assures that suppliers will be able to take over the transportation of the FBA, reducing the time it takes to do business.
  • The sale includes profiles on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and 2 additional domains that are currently not used. One domain is reserved for an inactive Amazon brand, and the other is being used to profit from the Amazon Associates program.

The creation and improvement of content for these channels, as well as the use of additional monetization methods, provide good opportunities for the development of equipment niche Amazon site for sale.

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