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An excellent opportunity to buy a beautiful cattle farm in the west of Romania.

Overview of this business for sale

  • Since 2013, the farm has been in good maintenance by the multi-business owner but due to his change of lifestyle, he has decided to sell the farm. This business comes for sale with over 220 cows of Charolais breed, 200 hectares of land on a 7-year-old lease with the option to renew, tractors, a milling system, trailers, machinery, and other equipment, that is new and in excellent state.
  • Slaughterhouse is well-equipped; certificates, authorizations, and all documents are in good order that will be transferred to the new owner.
  • This cattle farm for sale features a 27/7 up-to-date video camera and security system, a website where customers can buy meat and other products.
  • The trademark is registered and the business boasts to be number one in Romania in Google searches.
  • Supplies meat products for both local and national supermarkets using different sales channels.
  • Opportunity to lease another 700 ha land plot close by in order to expand capacity.

The Charolais breed mostly lives in west-central to south-eastern France. This is the most common and second-most numerous cattle breeds in France.

  • These cows are good for growth as they are easy to look after them.
  • Have superior natural live weight gain for age.
  • Impressive muscling.
  • Good temperament.
  • Can fit into any system whether grass-based or intensive.

Currently, the farm has: 80 cows being pregnant, 35 young bulls (600 – 800 kg), 45 heifers (pregnant), and 50 other bulls. With various certificates, approvals, and all documents in place, this opportunity is run as a bio farm. In this operation, strict rules must be followed and increased prices for animals can be obtained if its bio farm status is maintained. Details of this business for sale are available on request.

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