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Agriculture industry

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Opportunity to buy a highly profitable business of selling trees for over 30 years.

Description of this business for sale

This tree farm for sale occupies over 100 acres of land and sells trees (over 27 tree varieties) at wholesale prices to companies, brokers, developers, GC, and retail garden centers. Due to low overhead, operational efficiencies and a 100% implemented system of planting, growing, and selling trees, the company enjoys impressive financials (Up 24% over the first quarter of 2020).

All trees start as 6โ€ seedlings planted in 3-gallon containers. According to its growth round, the seedlings are moved into 15, further in 30, 45, or 65-gallon containers. These holders are placed in lines by species on the property and are serviced by a fully automated dripping and fertilizing system. The system makes a perfect mixture of liquid fertilizer and well water, controlling that each tree achieves its maximum growth potential and sales price. Processes of watering and fertilizing are checked by computerized clocks that track output to the tress.

The amount of inventory is based upon client trends. It is counted and posted on the website being sorted by species, size, and price. The highest demand is on 1,5-2-year-old trees that reach the maturity level in this period. As some of the stock is held back, it continues to grow and be purchased by clients who want to get more mature trees. In general, clients pick up the trees at the farm as the company does not carry delivery, however, it can help with delivery arrangements if needed. This business for sale holds a license to ship products across the Southeast along with Texas and Louisiana.

Reason to buy this free farm

  • There is a team of experienced and dedicated working with the company for many years.
  • Well-maintained equipment that will convey with the sale.
  • Sellers own the property which is included in the deal since it is necessary to keep the business running.
  • Some competition exists in the market. But, the competitors often call upon this company to service their clients when their stock is run out.
  • Sellers explored growth opportunities and will discuss them in detail with the buyers of this business. That being said, the current owners are more than willing to train throughout the transition.
  • The company is offered for sale because of owners’ retirement plans.
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