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For sale a finance software company in Bangalore! The business is ready to be transferred to a new owner.

An overview of a finance software company in Bangalore

Our software solutions include:

  • Digital lending software with multiple features: quality check, application, CIBIL check, tele-check, field investigation, loan approval, financial details and sanction letter.
  • Inventory management software.
  • GST Accounting Software.


  • Physical assets include: laptops, computers, printers, furniture, furnishings and other technical equipment.
  • Intangible assets include: software source codes, customer database, well-known brand name, experienced staff and a business reputation built in the industry.

The company operates in a 1,000 square foot leased space, but all employees work remotely due to pandemic restrictions.

  • Our company provides financial institutions with software solutions that digitize the lending process.
  • Our digital lending business software accounts for over 90% of the company’s total revenue. Approximately 135 active customers (60 on cloud-based software) use this software. Cooperative banks, NBFCs, HFCs and microfinance institutions are frequent customers.
  • Our lending software is the most carefully designed end-to-end solution for all verticals of retail lending, including secured loans, business loans, working capital loans, gold loans, mortgages, etc.
  • We bill our customers in three steps. Each piece of software is customized to meet the needs of each business and its size. In the initial phase, the customer must purchase a turnkey corporate license from us. The cost of the license is determined by the size of the client’s business.
  • The cost of the license gives the client from 7 to 10 years of rights and ownership of corporate software. To continue using the product at the end of this period, the customer must return the license fee. The cost remains the same.
  •  After paying the license fee, the customer must pay an implementation fee – the cost of installing the software on the customer’s servers. Depending on the size of the client this fee ranges from INR 3 lakh to INR 5 lakh.
  • One year after paying the license fee and implementation fee, the client must pay an annual AMC fee equal to 18% of the paid license fee.
  • Our company is incredibly valued for its solid customer base, cutting-edge software solutions, reputation built in the industry, and tremendous potential for future growth.
  • This transaction includes the entire corporate structure and brand name, as well as the ownership and source code of the software solutions and website, plus all necessary licenses, customer databases and tangible assets.
  • We also provide other software solutions, but they represent about 5-10% of our total revenue. Supermarkets, restaurants, automotive firms and other businesses are common customers for our GST inventory management and accounting software.

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