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Overview of Fitness Club in South Dakota for sale

This is a very clean fitness center in South Dakota for sale. Owned and operated in the community. A one-of-a-kind fitness center aimed at men and women in their forties and fifties who are serious about improving their quality of life. Our HUR Strength Machines are unique to our facility because they use Smart Card Technology. Enhanced Performance Designed HUR equipment is designed to provide safe, targeted training for people of all ages and levels of skill and stamina. Pneumatic (air-pressure) technology mimics muscle movement, allowing for safe and effective training at both low and high speeds.

The resistance is adjusted to match the muscle’s natural force generation, allowing the user to workout harder while reducing the danger of damage. The HUR Smartcard Technology technology detects the specific training program automatically. It keeps track of your reps, monitors your progress, and can be set to automatically raise resistance when you accomplish certain goals. HUR strength training machines are designed to help older folks (and all of us) gain strength and mobility in ways that directly benefit what they do outside of the gym, in their daily lives.

We have a wide range of cardiovascular machines to suit everyone’s demands. Two standing octane elliptical trainers, three seated octane elliptical trainers, three NuStep machines, and two expresso bikes make up our cardio equipment. There are nine HUR Strength Training machines with a total of 13 exercises that target all of the major muscle groups from the neck down. All of our equipment has been meticulously maintained, cleaned on a daily basis, and is in perfect working order.

Three wide screen televisions, an air compressor for strength machines, and a touch screen computer for strength machines are all included in the asset sale.

Buying Fitness Club in South Dakota will be justified!

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