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Overview of French Restaurant in Thailand for sale

This restaurant in Thailand for sale is located in a residential area and is basic, nice, and well designed. As clients go through the main entrance, the ground floor contains plants and trees, giving them a sense of the pure air of the garden. From there, visitors can see the main restaurant space, which has a wonderful open wood-built kitchen. In both an inside air-conditioned room and an outdoor area, the owner arranges the tables and chairs loosely and pleasantly for roughly 43 people. A walk-in wine cellar is also available at the restaurant. The long galley-style kitchen is fully furnished, and there is a storage space and trash area on the ground level towards the back. Although the restaurant business in Thailand for sale is profitable in its current layout and hours of operation, there is still possibility for growth and revenue growth by utilizing the garden space for supper seating or by opening during the day as an outdoor coffee shop/café and/or brasserie. On the second story, there are two en-suite rooms with spacious patios that can be used as owner accommodations or management offices.

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