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Fresh Juice Supplier in the UK

A reputable supplier of fresh-squeezed juices For sale

The firm is pleased to bring to market an innovative new fresh juice company that has become an instant success due to the high quality of its products, celebrity endorsements, and the use of eco-friendly bottles!

The owner intended to start a modest business that she could run from her family home part-time, but overwhelming success forced her to sell the company!

She doesn’t advertise her business or have a website; all orders come through her Instagram/Facebook profile.
By sourcing fresh fruits and vegetables from local sources, we’ve created five essential cleansing juices.

Good nutrition is in high demand with customers, so buying a fresh juice business would be a good investment!

We recommend drinking five juices a day at 2.5-hour intervals, as well as a ginger and lemon smoothie when you need a pick-me-up. For a thorough cleanse and optimal weight loss, we recommend avoiding meals at the same time as the juice, but you can take a well-balanced meal along with it.
Freshly squeezed juices have a shelf life of no more than 5 days.
Glass bottles are 250ml or 500ml for wholesale customers and 500ml for home customers. A reputable supplier of fresh juices for sale

Major advantages of juices include

  • High vitamin content
  • Antioxidant content
  • Weight loss – an average of 5-8 pounds
  • Helps restore gut bacteria
  • Increases hydration levels
  • Detoxifies the blood
  • Helps skin and hair
  • Improves circulation
  • 45-55 calories per 500 ml bottle

Our client currently sells juice to a limited number of wholesale customers within a 5-mile radius of her home, and at-home consumers can pick up juice from her.

This is a great opportunity to acquire a juice supply business.

Her wholesale customers include high-end grocery stores, yoga studios, juice bars, and health kitchens.

Most of the ordering comes from Instagram and Facebook.

Our client is currently working part-time, so she can’t add new clients to her existing list; that’s the main reason for the sale.

Orders are coming in from all over the country, with a significant number of orders coming in from London.

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