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Your attention is offered the opportunity to buy fresh pressed juice supplier – this is a new excellent company that produces fresh juices and has managed to achieve success thanks to the quality of its products, the support of famous people and environmentally friendly used containers.

More about the benefits and features of fresh pressed juice supplier for sale

The firm was founded in 2020 after looking for an alternative supplier of cleansing juice that was not too expensive. The current owner of fresh pressed juice supplier for sale decided to create a small company that will operate part-time right from home, but due to the great success, the company is being sold, the owner simply cannot pull the volumes.

  • The company does not currently have its own website; orders are received on social networks.
  • There is a regular local supplier of products that are needed for the 5 types of juice produced.
  • The company offers a 3-day “Juice Clean”, customers receive 15 0.5-liter cold-pressed freshly squeezed juice bottles with 3 shots of raw ginger and lemon. It is recommended to drink 5 juices a day with breaks for about 2.5 hours and eat ginger and lemon if you want to cheer up. For complete cleansing and weight loss, it is recommended not to eat in parallel, but you can eat healthy, balanced food. The storage period for fresh juices is 5 days.

Fresh pressed juice supplier in UK currently serves few wholesale customers within a 5 mile radius of the owner’s home, while local buyers can get juice directly from the owner’s home. Wholesale customers include high-end deli, yoga studios, juice bars and wellness kitchens. The business has great potential for development, thanks to the possibility of expanding production.

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