Fully licensed exercise center in the US for sale

North America - USA

Fitness clubs

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  • A fully licensed exercise center is business for sale. This business gives individual collaboration between wellness mentor and their customers through instant messages.
  • A coordinated framework and technique to allow mentors coaches to screen, oversee, and support their customers to accomplish put forward objectives and to build up new objectives. 
  • This innovation assist coaches with getting better at what they improve results for their customers. 
  • This stage is intended to assist coaches with developing their business through execution text informing. 
  • Currently, we have in excess of 200 wellness enrolled on our foundation. 
  • Fully licensed exercise center  for sale has month-to-month membership charges. 
  • Around 35,000 customers have enlisted with us, who are customers of wellness coaches and individual individuals. 
  • Promoter has 5 years of involvement with this business for sale.
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