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Opportunity to buy furniture retail business in Melbourne – an excellent and profitable company that sells furniture with a good and rapidly developing Internet channel. This family owned firm from Australia has shown strong profit growth over the past 3 years. Over the past year, sales have grown by 40%. At the same time, online sales have improved by 70%.

About the company: advantages and benefits of furniture retail business in Melbourne for sale

The firm is primarily focused on e-commerce and has been in business for over 15 years. The furniture retail business for sale in Melbourne also has regular offices in prime areas of Sydney. Online sales make up the bulk of sales and are growing steadily.

Over the past year and a half, there has been a lot of investment in the development of an e-commerce platform. Further investments are made in various systems, including a new retail CRM that optimizes sales, user data and transportation.

What does the firm offer?

This is the first-class luxury furniture for home, office and street. Materials are purchased from the best suppliers, quality is the main condition. The popularity of services of the furniture retail business for sale is due to the quality strategic approach to the development of both digital and physical channels. The focus is on the digital space that enables sales in their retail offices and vice versa.

  1. Diversified channels to increase sales and profits with an excellent market position.
  2. Access to a large client base, including private and commercial entrepreneurs.
  3. Lots of great suppliers with good relationships.
  4. Synergistic strategies for the right customer in profit, finance, operations and CRM data from a purchase.
  5. The presence of systems and processes that provide an easy transition to a new owner.
  6. A streamlined process of advertising and visual merchandising, customer interaction, sales and transportation.
  7. Excellent solutions for fulfillment from warehouse to consumer.
  8. Furniture retail company for sale in Melbourne has a growing sales stream and an excellent reputation in the consumer service industry.
  9. Only good reviews and Google ratings.

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