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The proposed gift wrapping business in Wiltshire for sale was created by the current owner in 2018 after a viral video about the non-recyclable gift wrapping was seen. When a supplier of recyclable materials was found and this amazing eco-business opened.

What does gift wrapping cusiness in Wiltshire for sale have and how does the activity help nature?

The company sells completely environmentally friendly paper for packaging, which is 100% recyclable and does not harm nature. The paper is available for purchase in rolls of 4 meters with a large selection of interesting designs, bright colors. You can buy gift wrapping business in Wiltshire and get a company that caters to both retailers and small wholesalers as well as direct customer orders through their personal online website.

In 2021, the owner received a contract for a year to supply paper for a well-known store on the main street, the work turned out to be excellent, then this store ordered another 60 thousand rolls. Demand from buyers of well-known stores will constantly increase, and therefore this is an excellent business advantage.

  • Wrapping Paper – Made from 50gsm recycled craft paper, vegan friendly and recyclable, water-based ink design.
  • Gift tags – handmade from cardboard, which is obtained from recycled waste.
  • Twine – made from natural wood pulp of pine and eucalyptus.
  • The ribbon is made from fully recyclable craft paper.
  • Ribbon – made from pine and eucalyptus wood pulp.

There are a lot of designs and bright colors. Additionally, gift wrapping business in Wiltshire for sale can create a custom wrap for any business (from 400 rolls).

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