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The offered gifts and memorabilia E-Commerce shop for sale is a market leader with over twenty years of experience. The company offers consumers a huge selection of designer clothing, memorabilia, gift items and collectibles. In particular, the firm has at its disposal personal belongings and gifts from Marilyn Monroe and John Wayne.

Terms and conditions for the functioning of gifts and memorabilia E-Commerce store for sale

At this stage, the owner of the company is required about 20-25 hours a week to manage all operations. By choosing to buy the gifts and memorabilia E-Commerce shop, you also get well-established supplier relationships and active invoices in excellent condition. In addition, the new owner is also provided with a memorable and well-formed domain name, as well as a stable customer base with 15+ thousand consumers.

Key growth opportunities for memorabilia E-Commerce shop for sale include, in particular, expanding sales and customer reach through Amazon, eBay and other online platforms, implementing international advertising campaigns, attracting partners and social media, and more. It is a turnkey business with strong support during the transition period in accordance with the needs of the new investor.

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