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This global online training company for sale is a fascinating technical asset, an interesting e-commerce website that is beautifully designed and run, and 8 individual top-notch offline online courses.

Development that really matters – merits and strengths of the global online training company in London for sale

Infrastructure and systems have been developed over the years, and this platform is the perfect addition for any business or company to launch a personal technology journey with such a huge amount of ground work already done. By deciding to buy the global online training company, you will receive a ready-made course program, which includes the following.


  • countering terrorism;
  • fire safety and awareness;
  • fire officer/marshal.

Employee health:

  • bullying and harassment;
  • information about stress in the workplace.

First aid:

  • awareness of first aid at work.

Health and safety:

  • delivering information to managers and employees about health and safety;
  • manual transmission.

All courses have a full version, and most of them also have a version for Britain and Ireland. Each course is fully created according to the quality standards of EADL – the European Association for Distance Learning. The courses are EADL certified.

The global online training company in London for sale has confirmation from external certification bodies that the certification will be valid on transfer as soon as the new owner begins to comply with the certification requirements. The new owner will buy a good technical asset and infrastructure with a ton of commercial opportunities to explore. The company has an established system that minimizes the cost of deploying additional online courses.

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