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The offered health and safety devices company for sale has innovative health and safety award patents with remarkable and tremendous development potential.

Offer details – profitable and well-structured health and safety devices company for sale in UK

You can buy health and safety devices company which is a good specialized company that has 3 unique patents and a steady steady income. The company’s product is well known in the waste and recycling industry: in 2020 it already managed to receive the National Waste Recycling Award. There is tremendous potential in the application of shipping container patents to prevent human trafficking. Customers say that with sales in Europe as well as the UK, the technology firm has huge potential to generate a profit stream of tens of millions of pounds over the next 5 years.

  • Now health and safety devices company for sale is at the initial stage of making a profit, from the date of creation it has been conducting research and development in the field of patents and technologies.
  • Through quality research and development, the human presence detector has been tested in specific areas in the waste management industry with remarkable success.
  • Consultants who wish to provide a handover period, with one manager who is willing to stay after the sale to assist with further development.
  • This is a fully relocatable feature.
  • Sold to develop thanks to new owners.
  • There are good ones for rapid growth through mass production of buyer’s devices.

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