Heavy construction and agricultural machinery manufacturing company in Italy for sale

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This is a heavy construction and agricultural machinery manufacturing company for sale in Italy.

Overview of a heavy construction and agricultural machinery manufacturing company for sale

This business has been producing and designing parts for medium-heavy items for building equipment, agricultural, and military machines&equipment since its inception in 1962. The machinery manufacturer for sale caters to both local and international customers that need earthmoving, agricultural machinery and equipment for road building. Showing its commitment to quality, the business has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO383 certifications. Namely, the business provides services for the following sectors:

Earthmoving: manufacture of Frames; Buckets; Arms; Bodies and Tanks.

Agricultural: manufacture of Arm loaders, Buckets and Oil tanks. Forklifts: manufacture of Telescopic Arms.

Military: manufacture of Chassis, Bodyworks, Ramps and Tanks.

With its broad capacities, the business can perform a range of operations that include designing, cutting, bending, welding, machining, leak testing, phosphating, painting, etc The business has been registered as an LLC. The total number of employees is 500. Assets that will be transferred to a new owner include certifications and licenses, ongoing contracts, know-how and brand. Also, a new owner will acquire all the systems, equipment, property of 50,000 sq. m. and vehicles.

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