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This is a Heavy Industrial Contractor For Sale in Northern California, established in 2004.

Buy a Heavy Industrial Contractor in the USA

This establishment is a California S Corporation being operational for 17 years and having achieved a stellar reputation in the industry. The business has the capabilities to perform almost everything related to construction. Particularly, they showed a very strong position in the power generation sector in the US. This encompasses the relocation, upgrade, and installation of gas turbines. This heavy industrial contractor for sale has an extensive experience with General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, and Westinghouse designs. Also, this company is now finishing Battery Storage and has recently finished 3 facilities (one is 20 MW). This is a significant part of the eco-friendly projects that are occurring across all states. It is worth mentioning that they have also done Landfill Gas to Energy and Solar projects along with general construction operations in commercial and industrial facilities.


The main advantage of this company is that it is small and flexible enough to perform unique, fast-track, lucrative projects nationwide, which their larger competitors are just not nimble enough to do.


The Gas Turbine market size surpassed $6B in 2019 and is projected to increase at a rate of over 8% CAGR through the next 5 years. Appropriate government policies towards the reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions and the usage of environmentally friendly fuels will increase demand for natural gas-based power plants. Pursuant to the EIA, natural gas was the largest source of electricity generation nationwide in 2019, covering a 38% share in sources of the US market. This is true in California, where the main focus is on natural gas plants that meet about 1/3 of the state’s electricity demand. Energy storage with natural gas turbines is attracting a significant population. This business for sale has some experience in performing this. This is very important considering the requirements in California and the ones that will be issued across the US, it may become necessary for energy storage to be conjoint with each new natural gas plant.

Support / Training

The Owner is considering staying on and partner with a new owner(s) for at least one year under an employment agreement to provide a smooth transition of ownership.

Reason For Selling

The owner is relocating.

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