Hotel with Banquet Hall in Ludhiana for sale

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An excellent chance buy Hotel with Banquet Hall in Ludhiana!

Overview of Hotel with Banquet Hall in Ludhiana for sale

Key features of hotel business in India for sale:

  • The total space is 4,420 square yards, with the hotel covering 450 square yards and the wedding hall covering 700 square yards.
  • The remaining space is open to the buyer, and he or she can personalize it, albeit half of the front is best suited for a showroom.
  • There are 12 rooms in the hotel, as well as a kitchen and a restaurant.
  • The buyer can customize the hotel or leave it as is, depending on their needs.
  • We have a listing on and also accept reservations through our own website.
  • The hotel in India for sale is managed by a third party who has leased the property from us.
  • The wedding hall can hold up to 400 people for a function and has an outside stage as well as a separate catering kitchen in the grass area.

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