Importer and distributor of spare parts in Free State for sale

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Importer and distributor of spare parts for sale

The company is engaged in the import and distribution of spare parts in Free State, South Africa. The property is included in the deal.

This business for sale has been operating for 39 years and it is still performing well. The products are sought-after, and repeat customers keep coming back because of its excellent service, availability of stock, and guarantee of delivery within 24 hours. This is an essential business – as farmers have the need to pump water, grass cutters always need to cut lawns and contractors have to maintain and build roads and structures. These needs are this business’ demands.

The business is proud of its staff. Most of the employees have been with the business for 15 years, and have a comprehensive knowledge of customers, products, and how to run the business efficiently and profitably.

One of their biggest assets is strong relationships with suppliers. As some products can be of bad quality, the reputation is at risk all the time, if the suppliers are not known. Over the years, this business for sale has partnered with many long-standing and leading suppliers, that provide excellent products.

There are immeasurable opportunities for further growth and increasing profits by opening a workshop. Participation in government tenders is another great opportunity for this company to increase revenues.

If you have been looking for a fantastic value on a business that is well established and supported by major clients, check this one out.

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