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This is a great opportunity buy Indian Restaurant and Takeaway in the UK!

Overview of Indian Restaurant and Takeaway in the UK for sale

This is a well-known and respected Indian restaurant in the UK for sale that has been operating from this location since 1991. Because the owner is retiring, the company is being put on the market.

Prior to the “lockdown,” the business provided collection, delivery, and full restaurant services, with deliveries and collections accounting for roughly 65 percent of weekly sales. Clearly, this has altered in the previous year, with takings increasing dramatically in comparison to deliveries, but our client expects the restaurant trade to gradually expand as constraints loosen and people return to town centers in the evenings.

The restaurant in the UK for sale is conveniently placed near both the main retail and entertainment districts, making it ideal for taking advantage of when restrictions are lifted.


The property consists of a two-story semi-detached home built of conventional brick with a slate roof.

  • Around 200 sq. ft. of takeaway space on the ground floor (18 sq.m.)
  • The bar area is approximately 232 square feet (21 sq.m.)
  • Approximately 600 square feet of restaurant space (55 sq.m.)
  • Approximate size of kitchen: 200 sq. ft (18 sq.m.)
  • Approximately 240 square feet of storage space (22 sq.m.)
  • Toilets for Ladies and Gents

On the first floor (possibly suitable for residential use).
3 Bathrooms 3 Rooms

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