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Industrial Machinery Company in Spain for sale

  • The company started its activities with a proposition to decrease costs via mechanizing the cycles of a little maker of upholstered furniture.
  • The furniture creation area even today is extremely conventional and distinctive, which prompts high faculty costs and wasteful creation measures.
  • Over the years, this business has built up a wide scope of answers for bundling, inward transportation, gathering and numerous different phases of this cycle.
  • Industrial Machinery Company for sale has additionally made answers for material cutting (upholstery and modern materials), which, at last, on account of a concurrence with the market chief, have likewise become a help for the breeze energy area.
  • This is a company occupied with mechanical land, with high added esteem and an elite edge of more than 40%.
  • Currently, the organization works at the public and nearby levels with high development potential in different areas and geological locales.
  • The organization is sound, and because of the positive income and high productivity it has no bank obligation. Also, the organization doesn’t need enormous capital ventures and has a light actual construction.

Items and Services Overview

This company for the most part makes customized answers for the upholstery and wind power industry. All the more explicitly, it plans, fabricates and introduces tissue cutting apparatus, inner vehicle of items, bundling. It gives explicit machines just as complete assembling lines for the windmill business for sale. They routinely collaborate with a North-American firm for the assembling of:

  • Automatic pressing line for upholstered furniture.
  • Assembly line transport framework.
  • Cushion filling framework.
  • Distribution of couches and coordinations stage.
  • Industrial fiber taking care of, cutting and assortment machines for the breeze power area.

Resource outline

Marked hardware, contracts with associations (wind industry), contracts with clients. Unmistakable resources are basically devices and vehicles.

Outline of conveniences

The organization stands apart for its lightweight construction. The organization works from a distribution center and in workplaces situated in a mechanical park in the edges of Murci.

This compound is for the most part utilized for putting away crude materials

Refreshment and R&D, while the machines are fabricated through a few subcontractors.

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Industrial Machinery Company in Spain