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An industrial metal parts manufacturing business for sale in Barcelona, established in 2000.

Overview of an industrial metal parts manufacturing business for sale

This is a phenomenally successful company, mainly due to its prime location. The core of the industrial metal parts manufacturer for sale is in the care of surfaces of metal parts or different materials. Providing high-quality services, this company has become a preferred place for surfaces treatments, polishing, vibration, degreasing, blasting, assemblies, and verifications.

The industrial metal parts manufacturing business for sale caters to the industrial sector both domestic and international. They offer the application of the specific requirements in force in each sector at an international level, with broad experience in the application of a number of techniques for the complete management of each of the surface treatments of products, industrial components, and parts.

The services include technical particle cleaning, precision degreasing, vibrating, polishing, shot peening, and blasting of metal parts surfaces, and others. The company follows the regulations of each specific sector and utilizes effective quality control on the processes and products.

The customer base encompasses customers operating in automotive, industries, aeronautics, equipment, nautical, machinery, renewables, industrial paint, surgical materials, electronic components, railways, construction, precision components, household appliances components, signaling and more.

The business is offered for sale due to the retirement of the owner.

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