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Overview of IT-consulting company in Rome for sale

Key features of IT-business in Italy for sale:

  • Our firm offers a variety of consulting services to startups and small businesses.
  • We currently have roughly 20 clients to whom we provide a variety of services based on their specific needs.
  • Our market research domain of services generates the majority of our company’s revenue.
  • For any of the services that our clients wish to use with us, we charge a one-time cost. Payments are taken at the start of the process. Each project with each customer lasts anywhere from a week to a month on average. For the time being, this is our only source of revenue.
  • Our organization, on the other hand, is looking to enter the sphere of e-waste trading in order to take advantage of the expanding potential in the European market.
  • We have established agreements with over 5 to 6 electronic trash vendors, including laptops, computers, mobile phones, and other devices. Our organization will buy e-waste from these vendors and resell it after deducting a percentage margin from the price we pay.
  • We will supply e-waste to around 8 to 10 companies. Our company’s revenue will improve by entering this service domain.
  • Part of the loan proceeds will be utilized to cover working capital requirements for our traditional business processes, such as consulting. The majority of the revenues, on the other hand, will be used to purchase e-waste and sell it to our new potential clients.
  • This new realm of services, as well as our consulting services, are all part of a single business entity that is looking for a loan. We are not launching a new corporation to engage in e-waste trading.

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