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IT home automation company for sale in Hyderabad! Business is ready for transfer to new owner.

Overview of IT home automation companies in Hyderabad

  • Home automation service and installation companies located in Hyderabad.
  • The main purpose of the company was to develop new patents in the field of robotics and to provide home automation installation services.
  • The business was not making any money because the promoter was unable to develop new products that were both unique and productive.
  • The business had no customers and no ties to any companies or brands.
  • Because of the Covid lockout, the promoter was unable to recruit any potential students for robotics instruction or training.
  • We are currently not receiving any income.
  • Covid has not provided any business connections or contacts, and as a result, the company has not generated any revenue.

The company has no physical assets, nothing but a company name with incorporation. Buying an IT business in India would be a great investment of funds! You can also see other offers in the category software.

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