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Overview of IT Services Company in Houston for sale

As demand for IT services surged in this quickly expanding neighborhood of north Houston, this IT repair and service company in the USA for sale began as a hobby in 2010 and blossomed into a full-time business. PC virus removal, new hardware installation, data recovery, PC optimization, server integration, cloud/back-up service, and POS system hardware and software maintenance are among the services offered by the company. To keep PCs secure and running properly and effectively, several IT Service Packages targeted for consumers and organizations are also available.

On-site IT services are also accessible and performed by skilled, experienced, and professional experts at client sites. Furthermore, the company sells refurbished PCs and offers a variety of custom-built PC goods, including servers and gaming PCs. The IT-company in the USA for sale has a large number of return customers and has received excellent online ratings. With a focused sales effort, increased promotion, and the addition of other products for sale, such as anti-virus applications, there is a fantastic potential to grow the business dramatically.

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